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  • Poster Tips (pdf)
  • Procedure to Construct Professional-Quality Posters (pdf)
  • Poster Presentations- Conceptualizing, Constructing & Critiquing (pdf)
  • 60 Seconds Poster Evaluation (pdf)


  • Aerobic Biodegradation of Geosmin, Brice Fiddler, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Agoutis on the Alert!, Rhonda Carson, University of Central Oklahoma, 2013 (pdf)
  • Alleviation of Pain Associated with Disbudding with Ethyl Alchol, Amanda Mathias, Oklahoma State University (pdf)
  • Alleviation of Pain Associated with Disbudding, Amanda Mathias, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Biomedical Science Experiences in West Africa: The Gambia and Senegal, Kymberli Whayne, Langston University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Bovine Whole Blood Bactericidal Competence of E. coli Prootcol Development: Undergraduate Research Experience, Amanda Mathias, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Characteristics of Frost Growth on Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers, Kody Jones, Northwestern Oklahoma State University/Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Charged Particles in Chaotic Magnetic Fields, Carolina Vega Recalde, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Column Study of Bioelectric Remediation of Nitrate in Groundwater Systems, Linzi Thompson, East Central University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Comparison of Conditional and Unconditional Tests for the Log-Linear Model, Ana S. Tehrani, University of Central Oklahoma, 2012 (pdf)
  • Comparison of Matrix Components and Drug Susceptibility between Candida albicans and non albicans Candida Species, Keely R. Redhage, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Composite Use in Performance Enhancement, Milecia Matthews, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Damage Detection in Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Using Lamb Waves: FFT vs PCA, Joshua Hardisty, University of Oklahoma, 2013 (pdf)
  • Data from Ebird Suggests that Habitat Range of Military Macaw (ara militaris) is Decreasing in the South Pacific Coast of Mexico, Abbey Ramirez, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Decision-making in Feeding and Mating Behaviors of field Collected Fruit Flies,Irene Lopez, Southwesten Oklahoma State University (pdf)
  • Defining the Binding Affinity of an Important Human Health Enzyme in Enterococcus faecium, Amber Anderson, Oklahoma State University SSNAP Program, 2013 (jpeg)
  • Development in Potential Anti-HIV & Antimetastatic Drugs: C3-Symmetric Tris-Linked Bridged Tetraazamacrocycles as Potential CXCR4 Antagonists, Courtney Garcia, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Dinoflagellates, Amber Douglas, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Dissociation of Chlorobenzene on a Double Dimer Cluster Model of the Si(100) Surface, Eric Butson, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Does Triclosan Effect Legume Bean Pod, Nodule, and Biomass Formation?, Josh McLoud, Oklahoma State University (pdf)
  • Dried Plums Ability to Protect from Post-Menopausal Weight Gain Due to Alterations in Gut Micro Flora, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Effect of Endothelial Monocyte-Activating Polypeptide II on the Capacity of Dendritic Cells to Attract T-cells, Amber Washington, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Effect of Enzymes on the Fermentation of Sugar Beets, Joseph Marigny Brown, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Effect of Fiber on the Fracture Strength of Implant-cement Interfaces, Paul Snow, University of Central Oklahoma, 2013 (pdf)
  • Effect of Simulated Alluvial Burial on Soil Carbon, Scott Fine, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Effects of Parasite Infection on Beetle Movement Behavior and Survival, Ashley Collier, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Effects of Parasite Infection on Movement Behavior of Two Different Beetle Species, Ashley Collier, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Effects of Vitamin A on the Migration of Dendritic Cells Towards CCL21, Jennifer S. Green, Cameron University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Enculturation: A Potential Protective Factor Against Suicidal Ideation in American Indian/Alaska Native Young Adults, Adam T. Nordwall, Oklahoma State University AIIP Program, 2013 (pdf)
  • Examining the Theraputical Effects of Lanthonine Ketimine (LK) in Neuronal Connectivity, Caleb Hubbard, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Expression of WNT Transcripts at Specific Stages of Follicle Development in Bovina Granulosa Cells, Allison Potts, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Genetic Disection of a Conserved Pathway in Meiosis: Identification and Characterization of ask1-1 Suppressors, Josh McLoud, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (jpeg)
  • Geospatial Summer Institue Fellowship Program, Princess Hays, University or Oklahoma (pdf)
  • Hardware Solutions for the Optimization of AFNI Processing, Trokon Johnson, University of Tulsa, 2013 (pdf)
  • Heart Rate Variability During False EKG Feedback in A Mixed-Antisaccade Task, Evan White, Oklahoma State Univerity AIIP Program, 2012, (pdf)
  • Influence of Anticipatory Processing and Social Anxiety on Physiological Responding, Joy Deutschendorf, Oklahoma State University AIIP Program, 2013 (pdf)
  • Investigation of Artificial Gravity Habitat Dynamics, Geoffrey Kibble, Oklahoma State Univeristy, 2013 (pdf)
  • Invesitgation of Artificial Gravity Habitat Dynamics (updated), Geoffrey Kibble, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Mechanical Characterization of Bulk Metallic Glasses, Valentin Sanchez, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Mercury Robot: Bender the Robot, Blair Baldridge, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Native Explorers, Maci Davison, Oklahoma State University SSNAP Program, 2012 (jpeg)
  • Natural Variation in the Developmental Consequences of a Loss of Chloroplast Translation in Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicole Bryant, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Novel Technique for Creating Complex Shapes for Engineering Prototypes, Katy Riojas, University of Tulsa, 2013 (pdf)
  • Num1p Interaction with SUMO, Kayla J. Davis, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Parametric Test of Direction of Arrival Estimation Using FPGA's, Charles 'CJ' Williams, Oklahoma State University (pdf)
  • Preliminary Investigation of Actinomycetes as a Chlordane Remediation Agent, BrieAunna Webster, University of Central Oklahoma, 2013 (pdf)
  • Purification of Protein Antigens from Shigella, Wilmon Brown III, Oklahoma State University (pdf)
  • Reactions of Metal-Metal Multiply Bonded Dimers with 1, 4, 8, 11-Tetraazacyclotetradecane, Zachary T. Daniel, Southwestern Oklahoma State Universiyt, 2012 (pdf)
  • Relationship Between Digit Ratio and Interhemispheric Transfer Time, Wilmon Brown III, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Relationships Between Foraging Strategy and Ectoparasite Load of Neotropical Bats, Ashley LoneTree, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Roll of CRMP in Synapse Formation in Drosophila, Caleb Hubbard, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Shell Morphology's Significance in Snails in Predator-Prey Interactions, Troy King, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (jpeg)
  • Spectroscopic Measurements of Charge Organization in 1-Alkyl-3-methylimidazolium Trifluoromethanesulfonate Ionic Liquids, Eric Butson, Northeastern State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Statistical Analysis of Chemical Accidents, Stephen James, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Structure Determination of ChrR Mutant Enzymes Used for Bioremediation, Shelby Rice, Oklahoam State University NABS Program, 2012 (pdf)
  • Synthesis of Biindoles Under Solvent-Free Conditions, Susan Pham, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (jpeg)
  • Synthesis of Enaminones Utilizing Copper Catalysts, Maria Castaneda, University of Tulsa, 2013 (pdf)
  • Tension-Generating Ability and Appearance of Myofibroblast Tension Phenotype by Precancerous Cells, KER-CT-RAS, Jessica M. Webb, University of Central Oklahoma, 2013 (pdf)
  • Tensional Homeostasis in an Invitro Wound Healing Model, Chelsea Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma, 2013 (pdf)
  • Thesis Defense Invitation, Erika Capps, Oklahoma State University SSNAP Program, 2013 (pdf)
  • Two-Hybrid Analysis of Pac1p Interactions with Binding Proteins, Kayla J. Davis, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • Unfolding the Structure of Clostridium perfringens, Lindsey Berger, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)
  • When Machines Think for Themselves, Zach Etier, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pdf)


  • But Nobody Told Me This!: Planning for Success, Dr. Mario Borunda and Dr. Girish Chowdhary, Oklahoma State University, 2013 (pptx)
  • Conferences 101, Fara Williams, Oklahoma State University, 2010 (pdf)
  • OK-LSAMP Native Americans in STEM Poster (pdf)
  • OK-LSAMP JAM 2008 Poster (pdf)
  • OK-LSAMP JAM 2009 Poster (pdf)
  • OK-LSAMP JAM 2010 PHD Camp Poster (pdf)
  • OK-LSAMP JAM 2010 Bridge to the Doctorate Poster, University of Oklahoma (pdf)
  • OK-LSAMP JAM 2011 Poster (pdf)
  • OK-LSAMP JAM 2012 Poster (pdf)
  • Pursuing Higher Degrees: Applying for and Being Accepted into Graduate School, Fara Williams and Kay Porter, Oklahoma State University, 2012 (pdf)
  • Tips for Successful College Applications, Quinton McArthur (MIT) and Fara Williams (OSU), 2011 (pdf)
  • What is OK-LSAMP, Fara Williams, Oklahoma State University, 2011 (pdf)
  • Writing Student Statements, Nani Pybus, Ph.D., OK-LSAMP, 2012 (pdf)
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